Psycho-Spiritual First Aid

Psycho-Spiritual First Aid

By Chaplain Deborah Wacker
November 14, 2023

Join Chaplain Deb Wacker, M.Div, MBA, BCCC, FHPC for an introduction to psycho-spiritual first aid, a key intervention in disaster and crisis response. Participants will learn this intervention’s principles, how it differs from other interventions (such as critical incident stress management), where to learn more about psycho-spiritual first aid, and how they might implement it in their own practice of spiritual care.

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Chaplain Deb Wacker, MDiv, MBA, BCCC, FHPC

Chaplain Deb Wacker is the Founder and Director of The Shepherd’s Shoulder. She has expertise in ER/ICU trauma chaplaincy, palliative care and spiritual counseling. Chaplain Deb has provided spiritual care and counseling for the primary and secondary trauma victims, families and staff for two mass casualty incidents in Virginia.